Delish trip to Manchester…


I went to the most amazing restaurant in Manchester called ‘Tattu’ with my sisrer which is a chinese restaurant. It has a varied menu for everyone and reasonable prices. We had the lunch time menu as we went for..erm..lunch! They do offers… We went for 4 dishes for £22….Ordered more than enough dishes for two with some left over! More filling than you think. Crispy duck rolls x 2, duck egg & sausage fried rice & Teriyaki beef. Yum!


I mean and look how pretty this place is! Im in love with this blossom tree right in the middle of the restaurant.

Also snuck a cheeky picture of this mirror in the bathroom… How nice is this? Inspo for my home in the future (which im looking for).

I wore a cream Miss Guided jumper, Asos fur gilet, blue jeans & my Adidas white & black originals! But more to the point i am in love with this Asos choker?! It’s £10 but i think well worth it…dressed up my casual ish outfit..xoxo

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