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Trip to Amsterdam…

imageHey lovelies! From my IG ‘gwallthingsgirl’ im sure you know i recently went on a trip to Amsterdam…it was my second one there & I absolutely love it! From the scenery to the food it bursts chic & class. I found the cutest places to eat by chance and hope to give you some useful tips for when your there!

My first stop was Vinnies < A chic little coffee shop… I actually stumbled on this walking round – had to stop for a latte & coissant of course. The address is Vinnies Deli Nieuwe Zijds Kolk Amsterdam ~ thank me later. There are actually two Vinnie’s in Amsterdam but i checked out the other &they are both adorable & very well priced!

I checked out the museums and the canal boat ride while i was there – now this is also a good way of getting round! The trams are very helpful which is what i used mostly as the canal boat ride can take a while though you get to see some pretty scenery along the way & maybe spot some inspo!

My outfit was comfortable which is what i needed for a long day exploring and eating! I wore a black loungewear tracksuit from MissPap with a MissGuided coat, Asos bobble hat & New Balance trainers! Comfort first ladies.

I also went to the Icebar which was…cold!! But very fun ~ they set the scene that your on a old fashioned boat facing harsh weathers…feed you drinks & let you take pictures! Though my boyfriend still needs training….hence why the Amsterdam sign is cut off. To warm up i spotted this stall that sold Churro’s ~ i mean they were SO good…i am currently craving them now! I had sugar & Nutella on mine ~ oops

Some more outfits i wore ~ Jacket & earrings are from Asos which i teamed with a beige Zara turtleneck, Topshop black skirt, tights & boots! Obsessing over these Asos purchases i actually got in the sale ~ don’t forget to check the sale out ladies!! The jacket was super warm which j needed as Amsterdam was a little chilly.

I did try some more amazingly good breakfast food…. The Breakfast Club was a healthy breakfast cafe which did dreamy smoothies along with alot more. BUT my favourite was Ted’s….they had everything and anything on the menu, very cool signs everywhere, i loved the ‘Some people dance in the rain, others just get wet’ inspirational quote on the wall ~ id love this in my new home i haven’t yet found! imagePicture above im head to toe in Miss Guided! Love this black coat which was only £25 such a bargain & goes with everything!                                             Amsterdam offers so much from the pretty walks along the canal, food, cafe’s, culture so if you have the chance..go! I hope i’ve given some insight on some things you can do/eat;) xoxo

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