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Weekend of dreams

Happy Tuesday!! Hope your weekend was fabulous & your mum’s got spoilt.. all the welcomed sunshine was a bonus right. I went out for drinks from work on Friday as we had all been stuck in the office & the weather was perfect beer garden weather! We started at a new tapas bar called El Sotano in Chester to line our stomach’s which was amazing. I LOVE Tapas- it’s perfect for abit of everything.Their decor was just gorgeous too. Check out our food Next we headed over to a bar called Liquor & Co which have a secret room – you have to walk through a closet to get to it which is pretty cool & they have fabulous cocktails.                                             Saturday – I had my girlfriends round for brunch… i love to host and with the weather being so good again we sat in the garden after eating! As my friend is going on holiday she wanted healthy options too… so i did abit of everything. Cute right?                                                                Sunday – MOTHER’s DAY!! And what a day for it! More sunshine… we went to my older sister’s who put on a buffet. Again we ended up outside. My mum had a wonderful day & got spoilt. Check out these beautiful roses we got her that last a year from they are beyond gorgeous & their delivery is so good. I decided that i was going to dress for the weather and recently bought this top from it is sold out on their website but Asos have it! Link provided-      I teamed it with some Topshop ripped jeans & my Gucci soho bag! Trainers are Nike which i got from Asos. Link – me know what you got upto this weekend…xoxo

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