Skin skin skin 

I’ve never really had great skin… I suffered real bad with eczema when i was younger and then spots (the devil) from about 18. I have olive skin and my spots seem to scar (which is so annoying). I have this only happens sometimes (thank the lord) but none the less it’s horrid when your into your make up and selfies yet your skin doesn’t look as flawless as everybody elses – FYI probably a good time to say yes i do believe everything i see on Instagram and it is SO bad. I see so many articles and comments/blogs about how it’s not real and even the girls/guys posting admit that…but it’s hard to detach away from that.                                                            Anyway back on to skin – i have tried microdermabrasion which is good for a deep facial but didn’t quite do the trick. I have recently started a new regime/ new products and treatments which i will be blogging about as im really happy with them & also after doing research i know my skin isn’t bad and isn’t as extreme as i sometimes think but that doesn’t help when you wake up and you do have what you personally call a ‘bad skin’ day.                    This picture is from the weekend where i had a teeny few spots and the lighting was fabulous in the car so my scars look non existent (what Chris tells me all the time).                                                             Thanks for stopping by xoxo

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