Current beauty regime

Happy Friday huns! I wanted to update you on my current beauty regime. My skin can get really dry with an oily T-zone (nightmare) along with being super sensitive so i have to be careful at what i put on my face. Currently im using Micellar water as my cleanser day & night – i can only use the green one though as they also do a pink version. I genuinely have no idea why or even of the ingredients are different! Next up is for day time and three times a week i use Nip & Fab Glycolic cleansing pads which also very slightly exfoliates your skin. I also use the night time version 3 nights a week too & have noticed such a difference in the texture of my skin.                                                                     I think everybody already knows how amazing the Kiehls products are including the midnight recovery which i use a couple of nights week otherwise my skin gets congested! I first saw the rose water on Kim Kardashian’s app & social media & thought if it’s good enough for the Kardashians right?! I spray it after applying my make up & it really sets it for the day then i use it a couple of nights a week before i go to bed! It’s so light and fresh, this bottle has lasted me ages too!                                          COCONUT OIL – last but certainly not …. I mean this basically says it all. I apply coconut oil EVERYWHERE. It really is life you guys… Anyway i have just gone through my night time routine & im clocking off.. any skin tips please let me know below i would be most greatful xoxo

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