Holiday panic

Hi huns – i may or may not have just realised that i go on holiday in May and it’s the last week of April! I was after some products to sort my skin out and after doing some research i was so excited to try out these productsElizabeth Arden MIRACLE oil £29 – I love this because you can put it everywhere including your hair! I mix this up between using coconut oil or an argon oil serum – it provides sleek results and has helped with my dry scalp which is a bonus. It also smells lovely and goes on smoothly- no greasy feels! I use this every other night after showing all over – it contains Tsubaki oil which is super hydrating & provides long lasting moisture.                                                      Murad Collagen Cream £38 -This product hydrates and supports a youthful appearance (perfect to get us bikini ready). Murad is one of my favourite brands – it always does what it says it should! I use this when I remember (nightmare) & after the oil has absorbed!                                                 Skin Doctors Beelift £38.99 – I have only just started using this and hoping it gives me some serious face goals. I use it each morning & night after cleansing on my face & neck – i have noticed under my chin gets tingly & feels different after i apply it ( in a good way. It contains bee venom & natural manuka honey which explains the kind of numb feeling i get as it tricks the skin into thinking it has been stung so the muscles work to repair which tightens & plumps the skin (sounds good to me).                                        FYI so far my sensitive skin has been fine with these products! Any product recommendations you have / alternative options please comment … Xoxo

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