Talking point tee’s…

So i got this t-shirt from Stradivarius buy here<<< and it is my favourite.  At the moment it is definitely all about girls girls girls and these t-shirts are giving us all that kick up the… well they are for me anyway! Confidence game strong. If your having a bad day throw one on and handle it girl!

Casual t-shirts can be worn in any way – with jeans and trainers, denim shorts and sandals or dress them up some with a leather jacket and some heels.

Some other bold tee’s I’m lovingPerfect street style outfit with a statement slogan but also super comfy

Top –  Stradivarius

Jeans –Miss Guided 

Top –InTheStyleUkI mean it’s all about those Chic vibes right?

Top – VeryOk i just like this…Cactus – CHECK. The caption is just an added bonus because I’m telling you nobody will cross you wearing this.  Thank me later.

Top – Missy Empire

T-shirts like these are everywhere at the moment – check out  Miss Guided for their range of Fem tee’s & Topshop who have some strong contenders.

Let me know your thoughts and any other slogans you love! xoxo

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