Pores & Problems…

I don’t know about you guys but im officially obsessed with pores & trying to get that flawless look. I think that skin prep before applying make up is so important and really does help get that smooth look that lashing abit of moisturiser and going straight in on make up just doesn’t give you. Since using the Benefit Cosmetics POREfessional < love what they did there, my make up goes on so much smoother giving it a more POREFECT finish (see what i did there).  I use this as a primer which also helps my make up last longer.                                                   As i was so impressed with this product i went on to buy the Shine Vanishing Pro Powder for my T – zone (i can get oily) and seriously people you need to get on this!   Using both of these products reduces fine lines, minimizes pores & helps my make up go on smoothly without a shiny forehead (SOLD).   I have always been a fan of Benefit & regularly use their ‘They’re Real’ Mascara but now i think this whole range is going to be in my skin prep daily routine!                                                                     My next purchase is going to be the POREfessional make up which promises to be a weightless cover up imperfections and visually reduce the appearance of pores (i mean im sold). Check out their Instagram benefitcosmeticsuk for some amazing tips & product information (you wont regret) and I will update you on the make up after purchasing & using to let you know what i think. Xoxo 

4 thoughts on “Pores & Problems…

  1. Have you tried any other pore reducing products? I’m keen to try anything from Benefit, but I’m working my way through the cheaper alternatives first


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