Heel Vibes…

So i wanted to share with you my latest heel crush… apart from the Mule. Perspex heels!        For those who don’t know what this is it’s a ‘see through’ part of the heel or even all in some cases (how i think of it).  Now I don’t want to go as far to say i would wear those full on perspex boots Kim K wore a while back (only she can pull them off) but i am partial to this style. I have a few pairs myself and have been on the hunt for more.                                                                  I have found that Public Desire have an amazing set of them and this pair came this morning… HAPPY FRIDAY TO ME. They do these in other colours which i think i may have to purchase… maybe the black?!  Shop the look below and also on 21 Buttons or on the Looker app!                                                       Shoes – Public Desire Heels                                        Enjoy your weekend dears xoxo 

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