Our Home



 This is our before kitchen which went into a dining room which as you can see it is still in really good condition and definitely liveable but not to our taste. As we were living at home with family we weren’t in too much of a rush to move out and so we agreed we would do as much work as we could before moving in as I can imagine what a nightmare it would be with all the mess (plastering etc).


Within a week we had knocked through a wall to make the space bigger which really did work out to be the best decision as due to the high ceilings it has made a huge different to the space in the room. I decided relatively quickly that we didn’t need a dining room as it’s only two of us I wasn’t keen on giving up a whole room simply to put a table in. We decided we would put the table at the end of the kitchen as when we measured up we knew there would be enough space and use the other room as a second lounge/sitting area, that way when we have guests we have a bigger area.


Our whole house sadly was covered in wood chip (EVERYWHERE) and so Chris and I (with the help of a few friends and family) removed all of the wood chip ourselves. We started in the kitchen. Firstly we went to B&Q and bought two steamers – which were brilliant and only cost about £15 each which we thought was cheap. They heat up quickly and made stripping the walls so much easier as I had a go at using water and a sponge on some walls which took me forever!

 We were set on getting a new kitchen and even shopped round and had a few quotes. Roughly overall we were quoted about £7000 including appliances. Chris had been telling me for a few days he thinks the kitchen Is fine (meaning structurally) but I couldn’t believe he wanted to have green tiles??? Anyway after we straightened out our crossed wires we decided to look back at all the paperwork the previous owners kindly put together for us and realised the kitchen was a Magnet kitchen they had fitted only 3 years ago. We realised it would be silly to spend that much money when it was virtually brand new and started looking at other options – We decided to change the worktops and cupboard doors. We got intouch with a joiner who came round to measure up and give us some ideas around what he could do and the price it would cost and the rest is history! I knew what i wanted and we managed to do it all without the pricetag of a new kitchen! 


Once we had stripped all the walls and the kitchen was all finished the plasterer came in and started in here. It made a huge difference when this finished and only took them two days. The room was finally looking like a room rather than a building site and all this was done within 4 weeks! 


With just wanting white walls/ exposed brick and wood floor i have been searching for pieces to put around a decorative accessories and prints. 

A company called PHOTOWALL SWEDEN got in touch and sent me one of their canvases which went perfectly in the second sitting area. How nice is it? It’s so easy to go on and choose what you want along with frame colour, size etc! Which is so different to anywhere i have bought before – check out their website http://www.photowall.co.uk

They were also kind enough to give me a discount code of 20% for my followers & readers -http://www.photowall.co.uk/ (GOGOGO) 

Im still on the hunt for more to fill another space so i will be looking to buy some off their website, any other websites you guys can recommend please let me know! Xo

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